EP. 04 Heal Your Inner Child To Awaken Your True Self By Life Well Made

Every day, even if it is only for a few minutes, we should laugh, be silly and look at life through a child's eyes. To rebirth the Inner child into its primordial state of innocence, entails becoming deeply sensitive to the child's experience rather than protecting against hurt, a willingness to feel our hurt feelings, and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable again.

In order to realize how you truly feel toward life situations, you need to experience them with your body and soul. Children are typically honest, innocent, and sources of steady outpourings of love They are naturally curious and ask questions; they're mystified by objects and experiences we have long since chosen to take for granted.

Childhood is a time of life that we tend to remember fondly. I was hardwired to be loud and to be heard and the school system took that from me. Little by little I'm getting it back and I can feel myself and that child healing in the process. It's amazing how simple and positive a child's outlook is. I suppose that with time and experience, our perspective becomes convoluted and much less naive (with both positive and negative influences).

Your children will remember those silly times when they get older. To learn more about inner child healing and how you can resolve many problems yourself, please see my book Keys To Freedom: A Psycho-spiritual Approach to Inner Child Healing , available now.

So you go from the quiet intimacy of the womb to external expressions of your creative Self Help energy; from the self-centered perception of childhood to collective cultural conditioning; from a loving sense of self that looks forward to the future to an often judgmental sense of ‘otherness' that tries to keep you trapped in the past.

Nourish your inner child by being completely silly with friends or by enjoying an activity you wouldn't normally do. Taking that step to simply play and expend energy will produce a newfound sense of awe. Now what ever your situation is, there is a way to find something funny in everyday life.

Remember your favorite food, something that you enjoyed the most as a child. She may look at other people, children, dogs and cats, trees and just about anything with fresh eyes. The more I'm surrounded by children, the more I have given myself permission to let my inner child come out in all different areas of my life.

Take a step back from all the adult crap that takes over life and really focus on the essence what makes us playful. I enjoy reading again the favourite stories of my childhood and then looking with wonderment how these stories helped to create the values and passions of my life.

Our inner child is constantly responding to our past, collective history, the current environment, the speculations of future potential, the people around us, the city or country we live in, and the current state of affairs. Creativity represents a miraculous coming together of the uninhibited energy of the child with its apparent opposite and enemy, the sense of order imposed on the disciplined adult intelligence.

When we are small and have fun, laughing loudly, being silly and crazy, we are often told off by adults that it is not good to do so, or after laughter there will be something bad coming our way, or people will not take us seriously and we will not appear as intelligent as we are.

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